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    Urea 46

    Universal, urea is one of the numerous internationally applied dry granular sources of nitrogen. The fertilizer-making industry prefers it, in
    agriculture for the enriching of soil, considering it is comparatively easy to produce. Urea also has a high nitrogen content (46%) corresponding to another popular nitrogen source (i.e., ammonium nitrate). Urea is recognized as a comparatively firm good to store and transport. That is why urea’s transportation is considered very cost-effective compared to its most common alternative, ammonium nitrate.

    How To Buy Urea N46% From Iran?

    1. Product Title: Urea N46% Granular Fertilizer
      Producer: NPC(National Petrochemical Company of Iran) Shiraz PetrochemicalKermanshanh PerochemicalPardis Petrochemical
    2. Urea N46% Granular Fertilizer Specification: as an attachment
    3. Packing of Urea N46% in bulk or 1000 kg jumbo bags
    4. Quantity: 25000-50000 MT for each shipment. (delivering to near distance can be  less quantity)
    5. Delivery Term: FOB Term at south ports of Iran or CFR Term to any port
    6. The price of Urea N46% in bulk and Jumbo bags are updated each Saturday.
    7. Payment: As Procedure
    8. Shipment Date: starts less than 20 days.

    Terms And Procedure To Buy Urea N46% Granular Fertilizer:

    1- The Buyer sends LOI(including target price), BCL, Resume, and a copy of the Buyer\’s International Passport,
    2- An Agreement is reached upon terms and conditions and the price.
    3- The buyer signs the commission contract and deposits the amount of the commission in a trusted exchange office.
    4- The buyer either deposits 10,000 USD as compensation for violating any of the agreement terms, bypassing the intermediaries in our trusted exchange office, or settle it with their respective bank via MT760.
    5- The Seller issues PI along with the attachment of the NPC(National Petrochemical Company of Iran) PI.

    6- The Buyer issues an irrevocable 100% LC at sight to be released after loading the commodity or issues a BG for 25% of the total amount of the payment via MT760. Once the commodity is loaded on the vessel and the documents are renamed to the Buyer\’s name, the buyer must pay off 100% of the total amount via MT103.
    7- Seller issues 2% PB.
    8- Seller starts the process of loading within 1 or 2 weeks after the LC is issued by the buyer (depending on the availability of the vessel ).


    Commission: the buyer as a commission will pay 2% of the total value of all shipments

    The commission is excluded from the price and will be paid by the buyer.

    Urea N46% Granular Specification:

    Biuret 1% max

    Formaldehyde 0.45-0.55,

    Particle Size 90% 2-4 mm and 0.2% less than 0.55,

    Moisture 0.2-0.4, Nitrogen 46% min,

    PH 8.5-9.5,

    Crushing Strength 3kg,

    Stowage actor 1.35 bulk (m3/ton),

    Bulk Density 75-760 gr/Lit

    DAYA Holding Team.

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