LPG (Liquefied petroleum gas)


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    LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas)

    Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG, LP gas, or condensate) is a fuel gas which contains mixture of propane, butane, and less than 5% propylene those are flammable  hydrocarbon gases.

    LPG is used as:

    • a vehicle fuel
    • home usages
    • fuel gas for Heating systems
    • cooking
    • vehicles
    • an aerosol propellant
    • a refrigerant
    • instead of chlorofluorocarbons

    How To Buy LPG From DAYA Oil Fuel?

    Terms And Procedure

    To Buy LPG SouthPars Land, Lavan, Fajr Jam, Shanzand, Bandar Emam Petrochemical, BoaliSina, Nori Petro., Khark, Kangan, Shazand

    • Product Title: LPG SouthPars LandLPG LavanLPG Fajr JamLPG Shanzand, LPG Nori Petrochemical, LPG BoaliSina Petrochemical, Kangan Petrochemical, Khark Petrochemical,
    • Origin: LPG origin Iran for export
    • Delivery Terms: ExworkFOBCFR
    • Destination and Shipment: PakistanIraqArmeniaTurkeyAfghanistan by land by truck
      Pakistan and Other Companies by sea by ship
    • Inspection allowed from LPG storage in shore before loading by third party inspection company, Cost is by Buyer

    A) Deal With Trading Company Through Exchange Office:

    • Delivery Term:  FOB Any Port of Iran
    • Price: Between Aramco Minus 100-150 USD/MT , it will be determined after BCL and Resume and Copy of Passport
    • Payment: Deposit 100% Value in Exchange Office
    • Packing: in Bulk to be load into buyers LPG carriers
      Shipment Date: starts less than 20 days.

    B) Deal With Trading Company As LC Or BG/TT

    Delivery Term:  FOB Any port Of Iran

    • Price: CP Aramco Minus 100 USD/MT
    • Payment:
    1. The buyer either deposits 10,000 USD as compensation for violating any of the agreement terms, bypassing the intermediaries in our trusted exchange office, or settle it with their respective bank via MT760.
    2. The Seller issues PI along with the attachment of the NPC(National Petrochemical Company of Iran) PI.
    3. The Buyer issues an irrevocable 100% LC at sight to be released after loading the commodity or issues a BG for 25% of the total amount of the payment via MT760. Once the commodity is loaded on the vessel and the documents are renamed to the Buyer’s name, the buyer must pay off 100% of the total amount via MT103.
    4. Seller issues 2% PB.
    • Packing: in Bulk to be load into buyers LPG carriers

    C) Direct Deal With NIGC With Advance Payment

    • Delivery Term:  FOB Asaluyeh
    • Price: Between CP Aramco Minus 100-170 USD/MT , it will be determined after BCL and Resume and Copy of Passport, Final price will be Determined by the seller at loading duration.
    • Payment: 110% of value of LPG need to be paid in advance into the seller`s account out of Iran in Euro or AED currency.
    • Packing of LPG: in Bulk to be load into buyers LPG carriers
      Shipment Date: starts less than 20 days.
    • The seller is responsible for loading cost and the buyer is responsible for all legal costs in customs and all transportation costs.


    LPG Khark Petrochemical Specification

    BoualiSina Petrochemical, Bandar Emam Petrochemical, Nori Petrochemical, SouthPras  LPG Specification

    LPG Fajr Jam Refinery 
    Specification: liquified gas , 30% Propane , 70% Butane ,C3 55، C4 45 ،H2S 5-20، RSH 150-250 ، C2 & LIGHTER MAX 1

    Lavan Refinery:
    Ethane 0.2,Propane 20-30,Butane 70-80,Pentane 2,Hydrogen sulfide Negative, Mercaptan Sulphur 0.23

    LPG Kangan Sea
    Specification: Propane, C2H6 and higher 1 Max wt%, C3H8 98 Min wt%, C4H10 1 Max wt%, Sulphur 30 Max PPM, Butane, C3H8 and higher 1 Max wt%, C4H10 98 Min wt%, C5H12 1 Max wt%, Sulphur – Max PPM

    To Buy Tabriz Refinery To Armenia And Other Neighborhood Countries

    • Quantity: 2000 MT minimum
    • Packing: in Bulk to be load into buyers LPG carriers
    • shipments: Daily 150-200 MT
    • Shipment Date: starts less than 10 days.,

    A) Deal With Trading Company Through Exchange Office:

    • Delivery : DAT Yerevan Armenia, EXwork, Other neighborhood countries
    • Payment: Deposit Value of 1000 ton  in Exchange Office

    B) Direct Deal With NIGC With Advance Payment

    • Delivery term: Exwork factory Tabriz
    • Payment: 105% in advance to the account of factory out of Iran


    Tabriz Refinery LPG Specification, C2 0.2 MAX, C3 -, C4 -, C5 2 MAX, Hydrogen sulphide, Mercaptan Sulphur 0.23 max, Odor agent 12

    Procedure For All Deals:

    1. The Buyer sends LOI(including target price), BCL, Resume, and a copy of the Buyer’s International Passport,
    2. An Agreement is reached upon terms and conditions and the price.
    3. The buyer signs the commission contract and deposits the amount of the commission in a trusted exchange office.
    4. The Seller issues PI
    5. The buyer must pay as payment term

    DAYA Oil Fuel Team In LPG Case:

    Daya Team provide best services and price for its Costumers , this experience gather after years of activity in this Market

    Trust us, you believe that you will enjoy in cooperating with us




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