Gasoil (Diesel)


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    Gasoil (Diesel)

    Gasoil (Gas oil, Diesel) is hydrocarbon oil used as a fuel oil which obtained by the fractional distillation of crude oil (petroleum) , in boiling range and viscosity between lubricating oil And kerosene.
    Who uses Gas Oil?
    Rail and road transport
    Sailing, boating and marine transport
    Travelling fairs and circuses
    Electricity generation and heating
    In the commercial and agricultural: cranes, bulldozers, generators, bobcats, tractors and combine

    How To Buy Crude Oil From DAYA Oil Fuel?

    product title: Gasoil based on ppm classified to Gasoil (10ppm- 50ppm – 500 ppm – 5000 ppm – 10,000 ppm) base on Standard Gasoil En590

    Terms And Procedure:

    To Buy Gasoil From Russia

    Product title: Gas oil EN590 10PPM, Gas oil Euro Five, GasOil Products Origin Russia

    Producers:  RosneftSurgutneftegasGazpromLukOil, Transneft

    Deal Terms With Main Suppliers  Of Oil Products In Russia(Russia Refinery):

    Product Title: Gas oil EN590 Euro Five
    Origin: Russia Federation Gasoil
    specification of gas oil EN590: As Russian Standard for export
    Packing: in bulk or New Drum
    Quantity: Minimum 1,200,000 MT/year
    Delivery Term: FOB Term to any port of Russia
    Price: Determined after LOI for more discount and negotiation, it needs BCL and Resume
    Payment: LC, BG&TT As Procedure
    Shipment Date: starts less than 20 days.
    Inspection: By SGS


    1-The Buyer sends LOI(including target price), BCLResume, and a copy of the Buyer’s International Passport,
    2-An Agreement is reached upon terms and conditions and the price.
    3- Signing NCNDA
    4-The Seller issues PI
    5-The Buyer issues an irrevocable 100% LC at sight to be released after loading the commodity
    6- Seller starts the process of loading within 1 or 2 weeks after the LC is issued by the buyer (depending on the availability of the vessel).

    To Buy Gasoil EN590 10 Ppm Euro Five From Tabriz, Iran:

    1. Product Title:Gas oil EN590 Euro Five
    2. Origin: Iran Gasoil
    3. Specifiaction of gas oil EN590: Density 820-840 kg/m3, Pour point 3max, Flash point min 61,Sulphur 10PPM, FBP 385, color 3, Cetan Index 50
    4. Destination export: Kurdistan, Armenia, Turkey, Uzbekistan
    5. Quantity:2000mt minimum
    6. Packing: in Bulk

    A) Seller Is A Trading Company(Exwork – CPT)

    1)Payment Term: Through Exchange Office, Performance Bond guarantee: 100% of value of PI will be deposited in exchange office by the buyer,against CMR and acceptance of quality by Armenia customs, the deposited money will release for the seller
    2- Delivery Term : CPT Term to Kurdistan, Armenia, Turkey, Uzbekistan
    3- The Price of gas oil 10PPM: 573 USD/mt Exwork, 630 USD/mt CPT Yerevan Armenia

    B) Direct Deal With NIOPDC:

    1- Payment Term: Advance payment to NIOC
    2- Delivery Term: Exwork
    3- Price: Price of gasoil is 550 USD/MT Exwork Tabriz for 2000 mt orders
    For any update it needs BCL and resume from buyer with target price
    4- Transportation: The buyer shall arrange for transportation from tank storage in Tabriz.
    5-Payment Term: 105% of the value of the proforma in advance to the account of the seller out of Iran
    6-Delivery and shipment starts in less than 10 days Procedure to buy gas oil 10PPM from Tabriz


    1- The Buyer sends LOI(including target price), BCL, Resume, and a copy of the Buyer’s International Passport,
    2- An Agreement is reached upon terms and conditions and the price.
    3- The buyer signs the commission contract and deposits the amount of the commission in a trusted exchange office.
    4- The Seller issues PI
    5- The buyer must pay as payment term

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    Gas Oil 10PPM Tabriz Diesel Fuel Gas Oil 10 PPM Gas Oil from Tabriz Refinery


    DAYA Is Your Reliable Partner:

    Based on our clients’ needs and their request, DAYA and its expert team can offer suitable Gasoil from the most appropriate Producers. Our team will Provide best service for his customers.

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    Gasoil (Diesel)


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