Bitumen Penetration Grade 60/70


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    Bitumen Penetration Grade 60/70

    Bitumen 60/70 description

    Bitumen penetration grade 60/70 is a semi-hard penetration grade bitumen that is used as paving grade bitumen for the creation of asphalt pavements that meet the following technical requirements for road construction and repair. The primary application for this grade of bitumen is in the production of hot mix asphalt for bases and wearing courses. The most common bitumen grade and foundational component for all alternative bituminous products is bitumen 60/70.

    Hot mix asphalt is mostly made with bitumen penetration grade 60/70 for bases and wearing courses. Petroleum grade bitumen is produced by fractional or vacuum distilling crude oil to produce the penetration grade bitumen that daya GROUP supplies.

     The vacuum residue (short residue) feedstock is used to generate the bitumen that daya GROUP provides. The penetration and softening point test is used to define daya Penetration Grade bitumens. Only the penetration range is used to designate.

    The thermoplastic feature of the penetration grade bitumens leads the substance to soften at high temperatures and harden at lower temperatures. When defining Bitumen Penetration Grade 60/70 performance factors, including adhesion, rheology, durability, and application temperatures, this particular temperature/viscosity connection is crucial.

    Species of 60/70 bitumen

    In order to create asphalt mixtures, bitumen emulsion, cut-back bitumen, and modified bitumen, Bitumen Penetration Grade 60/70  is frequently utilized. The fraction from vacuum distillation of crude oil with the greatest boiling point, heaviest composition, and most polarity is bitumen 60/70. A mixture of asphaltene and maltene makes up bitumen 60/70.

    While the oily maltenes make asphalt flexible, the hefty, insoluble asphaltene molecules give bitumen 60/70 its body and softening point. Asphaltene molecules are insoluble in heptane but soluble in aromatic solvents like toluene.

    The maltenes are less aromatic and heptane-soluble compounds. Pure petroleum grade bitumen, produced from a vacuum bottom by the passage of hot air, is the penetration grade bitumen that daya Oil supplies.

    dayaoil’s bitumen is made from leftover crude oil that has been cracked and the hydrocarbons removed. The softening point of Bitumen Penetration Grade 60/70is between 49 and 56C, and it has a penetration range of 60 to 70 desi-millimeters.

    The thermoplastic feature of penetration grade bitumen 60/70 makes it similar to a synthetic resin substance that softens when heated and hardens when cooled. Compared to other grades, bitumen 60/70 has a fairly strong viscosity.

    Bitumen 6070 uses

     The most prevalent kind of bitumen is this one. The thermoplastic feature of penetration grade bitumens leads the substance to soften at high temperatures and harden at lower temperatures.

     This particular temperature/viscosity relationship is significant when determining the performance parameters because it is used in the global bitumen market as an adhesive, joint sealant, waterproofing agent, damp proofing, construction and maintenance of roads, airfields, and all surrounding areas, pool lining, soundproof and acoustic, pipe coating and paing, along with other thousands of applications with the below technical specifications.

    Hot mix asphalt for bases and courses is mostly made using this grade of bitumen. Bitumen Penetration Grade 60/70 60/70, which is the most widely used grade, has various applications. High penetration number, soft bituminous asphalt is often used in cold weather, whereas low penetration number, hard bituminous asphalt is suitable for usage in warm weather.

    Assurance & Safety of 60/70  Penetration

    With the arrangement of the worldwide inspectors to test the best and quantity of the bitumen penetration grade 60/70 at some point of the loading to the vessel and controlling the manufacturing by quality control with the aid of batch test report earlier than delivery, daya Oil employer ensures the first-rate of bitumen penetration grade 60/70. daya Oil company. Ensures that the quality will satisfy ASTM standards.

    In addition to meeting the following standard criteria, daya Bitumen assures that Bitumen Grade 60/70 is produced in accordance with and adherence to International Standards like AASHTO M20-70 & ASTM D946.


    Paving bitumen 30/40 is often packaged in new steel drums, 150, 180, and 220-kilogram barrels, 500 kg jumbo bags, 300 kg bitubags, 1 MT, and these other sizes.

    The remainder of the grades are also prepared to load trucks with bulk ex-work daya bitumen.


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