Bitumen Penetration Grade 40/50


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    Bitumen Penetration Grade 40/50

    Bitumen 40/50’s description

    In general, Daya Bitumen 40/50 is used as a Paving Bitumen Penetration Grade 40/50 appropriate for road building and for the manufacturing of asphalt pavements with exceptional qualities, especially in road and airport constructions and other related applications. It is a standard Penetration Grade of Bitumen ASTM D946M. Hot mix asphalt for bases and wearing courses is mostly made using this grade of bitumen.

    The Vacuum Residue used to make Penetration Grades of Bitumen is blown by hot air in the Daya Blowing Unit. The completely automated process produces a consistent, homogenous end product.

    The Penetration Grade of Daya Oil Any grade of bitumen is available, and the midpoints of their penetration ranges are indicated by two numerals. The thermoplastic feature of penetration grade bitumen leads it to soften at high temperatures and firm at lower temperatures. When defining Bitumen Penetration Grade 40/50 performance factors including adhesion, rheology, durability, and application temperatures, this particular temperature-viscosity connection is crucial.

    Bitumen 40/50’s characteristics

    Pure petroleum grade bitumen, produced from a vacuum bottom by the passage of hot air, is what makes up the  Bitumen Penetration Grade 40/50  that Daya Oil supplies. After being cracked and the hydrocarbons were removed, the bitumen that Daya Oil supplies is made from the leftover crude oil. Bitumen with a penetration grade of 40/50 has a softening point of 52–60°C and a penetration range of 40–50 desi-millimeters. The thermoplastic quality of penetration grade bitumen 40/50 makes it similar to a synthetic resin substance that softens when heated and hardens when cooled. Compared to other grades, this bitumen 40/50 grade has a relatively strong viscosity.

    Bitumen 40/50 uses

    Bitumen Penetration Grade 40/50 is appropriate for asphalt pavements with outstanding qualities and for building roads. This kind of bitumen is used to create hot mix asphalt, which is mostly utilized on roads in tropical areas for bases and wearing courses. In bitumen producing facilities, the bitumen is supplied during the vacuum bottom oxidation presses. It is employed in tropical regions with warm temperatures because of its strong air blowing and penetrating capabilities.High temperatures do not cause it to soften and it maintains its properties.

    40-50 Percent Bitumen Penetration Guarantee and Safety

    With the appointment of the international inspector to check the quality and quantity of the bitumen penetration grade 4050 during the loading to the vessel and controlling the production by QC by batch test report prior to shipping, Daya Oil Company guarantees the quality of bitumen penetration grade 4050. The quality is guaranteed by Daya Oil Company to fulfill ASTM standards.

    In addition to meeting the following specification standards, Daya Bitumen assures that Bitumen Grade 40/50 is produced in accordance with and adherence to International Standards like AASHTO M20-70 & ASTM D946.

    A Bitumen Penetration Grade 40-50 package

    Paving bitumen 40/50 is often packaged in new steel drums, barrels weighing 150, 180, and 220 kg, 1MT and 500 kilogram jumbo bags, or 300 kg bitubags.The remaining grades are also prepared for loading. ex-work majority Asphalt via truck, Daya.


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