Bitumen Penetration Grade 10/20


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    Bitumen Penetration Grade 10/20

    Bitumen 10/20 description

    Penetration grade bitumen, or bitumen 10/20, is created when crude oil is refined without destroying it while making petroleum. Daya Bitumen 10/20 is a hard penetration grade bitumen that is used as paving grade bitumen for the manufacturing of asphalt pavements that meet the following technical requirements for road construction and repair. Bitumen Penetration Grade 10/20 Long-term savings are guaranteed because it permits thinner pavement designs that utilize up to 30% less asphalt than conventional designs while assuring longer pavement life.

    It is bitumen of the paving grade that is often utilized since it can be used to build and repair roads as well as to make asphalt pavements. Additionally, the hot mix production uses a lot of bitumen of this grade.

    It is bitumen of the paving grade that is often utilized since it can be used to build and repair roads as well as to make asphalt pavements. Hot mix asphalt for bases and wearing courses is mostly made using this grade of bitumen.

    Properties of Bitumen 10/20

    Bitumen 10/20, a premium brand, is a dark brown or black substance that resembles cement in shape and is formed by the non-destructive refining of crude oil during petroleum production.

    The degree of chemical complexity in the initial crude oil and the production method determine the precise chemical makeup of bitumen. The softening point of penetration grade bitumen 10/20 is between 58 and 66°C, and it has a penetration between 10 and 20 desi-millimeters.

    The thermoplastic feature of the bitumen penetration grade bitumen 10/20 is similar to that of a synthetic resin substance in that it softens when heated and hardens when cooled. In comparison to other grades, bitumen 10/20 has a fairly strong viscosity.

    Bitumen 10/20 uses

    Road construction and maintenance mostly utilize bitumen penetration grade 10-20. Due to its extremely high viscosity relative to other grades, it is also utilized to make hot-mix asphalt.

    Guaranty and Safety of Bitumen Penetration 10/20

    With the association of the global inspectors to check first-class and amount of the bitumen penetration grade 1020 for the duration of the loading to the vessel and controlling the production quality control by batch test report before shipping, Daya Oil Company guarantees the quality of bitumen penetration grade 10-20. The quality is guaranteed by Daya Oil Co. to fulfill ASTM standards.

    10/20 Bitumen Packing

    Bitumen 10/20 is frequently packaged in brand-new steel drums, as well as 150, 180, and 220 Kg barrels, Jumbo Bags, Bitubags, and 10 and 20kg Tubular Carton. The remaining grades are also prepared for loading. Ex-work majority Daya By truck, bitumen.


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