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    Manufacturer of Iran Bitumen Emulsion K1-60

    General Description of Cationic Bitumen Emulsion K1-60

    Manufacturer of Iran Bitumen Emulsion K1-60 Asphalt that has been emulsified and contains at least 57 % bitumen is known as K1-60 cationic bitumen emulsion. It is an emulsion with a medium viscosity. Grouting can also be done with Emulsion K1- 60 bitumen emulsion. According to KS 02-769: 1990 standard, K1-60 cationic bitumen emulsion is created.

    Asphalt Emulsion Cold sprayed liquid bitumen emulsions K1-60 are used to build and repair roads, highways, driveways, and pavements. This product is identified in conformity with these requirements by the prefix “K,” which denotes a cationic emulsion. The number to the right of the hyphen denotes the bitumen concentration, and the “1” designates an emulsion with quick breakdown. K1-60 thus stands for a cationic emulsion with a quick break and a normal bitumen concentration of 57%.

    Applications of K2 Cationic Bitumen Emulsion

    In road construction, the Manufacturer of Iran Bitumen Emulsion K1-60 is generally used as a tack coat to provide a link between the current surface and overlays such hot rolled asphalt, macadam, and slurry sealants.

    In this case, it serves two purposes:

    1. Reducing the chance of spilling between the two meals.
    2. Make sure that pushing and sliding are minimized during the application of the new overlay, which will increase compaction.-

    Because of its increased bitumen concentration, the Manufacturer of Iran Bitumen Emulsion K1-60 is typically used for surface treatment, patching, retreading, and other related applications.

    Seals and treatments:

    Sand seal, single surface treatment, multiple surface treatments

    Macadam penetration –

    tiny voids

    In exceptional circumstances, including night construction or extreme humidity, K1-60 may be utilized as a tack coat.

    Aggregates don’t have to be entirely dry to be utilized with cationic emulsions at room temperature. Emulsions can be used in a larger variety of circumstances and pose less risk while being used.

    Conditions for Applying K1-60 Cationic Emulsion Bitumen

    Emulsion At room temperature, bitumen K1_60 cationic Manufacturer of Iran Bitumen Emulsion K160 can be sprayed at a rate of 0.25 to 0.70 liters per square meter (0.05 to 0.15 gallons per square yard).

    Only dry, frost-free circumstances that will last throughout the drying process of the film are suitable for applying this grade. 5 to 35 degrees Celsius should be the norm.

    Drums should be well rolled before use to stir the contents. Applying cationic emulsions calls for using a squeegee or hand broom. Avoid often cleaning and just spread in one direction. Spray application is more practical since it offers a consistent dispersion and even film. The BS3136: Specification for Cold Emulsion Spraying Machines for Roads should be followed while choosing spray equipment.

    Spray uniformly to prevent ponding in hollows, which might lead to a localized “fattening up” of the following courses.

    Preparation Manufacturer of Iran Bitumen Emulsion K1-60:

    All surfaces must be dry and clear of debris, dirt, leaves, spilled gasoline, oil, and grease. In order to prevent the emulsion from drying out while it cures and to ensure that the surface is adequately moistened, it may be wise to dampen the surface with water when the weather is hot. Before and during the application, the surface must be dry and clear of any standing water.

    Cationic Emulsion Bitumen K160 packaging

    You may get Bitumen Emulsion K160 in:

    IBC tanks in bulk, flex tanks

    200-liter steel drums that have been restored.

    200 lit. new steel drums


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