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    Bitumen Emulsion CSS-1h

    Basic Information About Bitumen Emulsion CSS-1h

    A cationic bitumen emulsion with a minimum bitumen content of 57% is known as Daya Group Bitumen Emulsion CSS-1h. It is properly produced in accordance with ASTM D 2397M-13 standard and is black in color. It is the perfect solution for prime coating on very porous surfaces thanks to its specifically developed water-based bitumen emulsion’s high viscosity and prolonged setting time. It is a free-flowing liquid with a dark brown tint at room temperature.

    Bitumen Emulsion CSS-1h is a cationic asphalt emulsion that sets slowly and is intended for use in a variety of industrial and paving applications. The electric charge that surrounds the asphalt particles in an emulsion (i.e., whether it is cationic or anionic) and how rapidly the suspended asphalt particles separate from the surrounding water (breaking) are used to classify asphalt emulsions. To increase mixing time with aggregates, a slow-setting emulsion is created.

    On dense-graded aggregates with a high fines concentration, longer workability periods guarantee an excellent coating. Dense graded, high fines content aggregates with longer workability times guarantee effective coating. Any emulsion’s setting speed will vary depending on the weather when it was created.

    Application of Bitumen Emulsion CSS-1h

    A low viscosity emulsion called prime coat CSS-1h is typically used as a prime coating in place of cutback asphalt. The Daya Group Bitumen Emulsion CSS-1h ASTM is intended for use in cold-storage mixes for patching and slurry sealing. They may be used with cold recycling and are intended for soil stability. These emulsions are specially created based on the site characteristics and aggregate quality in the area.

    Successful applications for CSS-1h include tack coatings, fog seals, and dust suppression. It is perfect for dense graded emulsion base mixes and base stabilization due to its long workability periods. The mulching of planted and fertilized soil is one non-paving application.

    Additionally, Emulsion CSS-1h is an absorbent surface substance (similar to low to medium-high porosity wet mix macadam or water-bound macadam) that is intended to penetrate, plug the capillary voids in the surface, bond to and stabilize the existing surface, and promote adhesion between it and the subsequent construction course. When applying Prime Coat to very porous surfaces like WBM, Daya Group Bitumen Emulsion CSS-1h is the best choice. It may also be used as a fog seal.

    For the surfaces and bases of pavement:

    Bitumen uses

    • Sand and dense-graded aggregate in a plant mix that is chilly


    • Aggregate with a dense grade
    • Sand
    • Sandy ground
    • The slurry seal

    Bituminuos Application::

    • Sea Fog
    • Penetrable surface for the primer coat
    • tack jacket
    • a dust binder
    • Mulch Therapy
    • Crevice filling

    Application Instructions

    • It might be diluted even further using drinkable water (max 50 percent )
    • In the event of impending precipitation, do not apply Bitumen Emulsion CSS-1h.
    • Don’t mix any cutting stock with the product.
    • For recommended application temperatures, get in touch with a Daya Marketing contact.


    When Bitumen Emulsion CSS-1h is applied to an existing pavement surface, slippage planes are removed, and a bond with the fresh asphalt lift is created. It will offer a solid bond and won’t monitor traffic in the vicinity of building sites. Spraying rates vary from 0.05 to 0.15 gal/yd2 (0.25-0.70 L/m2).


    In order to revitalize an old, oxidized asphalt surface and to fill small cracks and surface voids, CSS-1h is applied to the surface. The traditional sand blotting process is frequently not necessary because of its rapid cure and non-tracking qualities. Spray rates typically range from 0.45 to 0.70 L/m2 (0.10 to 0.15 gal/yd2), although they also depend on the texture of the surface and the severity of the cracking.


    The Bitumen Emulsion CSS-1h is perfect for use as a dust control spray on low-traffic, unpaved roads. In order to further reduce this emulsion’s viscosity and improve its penetration into the existing surface, water is typically added to dilute it. Depending on the state of the existing surface, the diluted CSS-1h is sprayed in many light applications at a rate of 0.45 to 2.25 L/m2 (0.1 to 0.5 gal/yd2).


    By combining  Emulsion CSS-1h with dense-graded aggregates that have a relatively high fines content, dense-graded emulsion mixes are created at a central facility or on-site. CSS-1h offers a mix that may be used on the project site right away after mixing or after being made in a facility and trucked there. Application rates will change according to the kind and grade of the aggregate. A blended design is strongly advised.


    Base stabilization is an in-place restoration technique for asphalt concrete over-granular pavements. As part of the procedure, asphalt concrete is ground up and combined with the foundation course. After that, the resultant granular material is stabilized using Bitumen Emulsion CSS-1h. It is strongly advised to use a mixed design to choose the right asphalt emulsion content.

    CSS-1h Storage and Handling

    • Bulk tanks should be used to store CSS-1h, preferably vertically, to reduce surface area.
    • Never let CSS-1h boil or freeze since it will crack. The range of acceptable storage temperatures is 10°C (50°F) to 85°C (185°F).
    • Mix the CSS-1h in bulk storage every one to two weeks (more frequently in cold weather).
    • Paddle agitators, loose gear pumps, slow centrifugal pumps, or other appropriate low shear pumps can all be used for mixing.
    • To avoid breaking the Bitumen Emulsion CSS-1h, avoid agitating it by blowing air through it to produce excessive foam.
    • Always use spotless containers for storing. The emulsion may break if previous contents are not compatible with CSS-1h.

    Benefits of Asphalt Emulsion CSS-1h

    • You may find some benefits of this product in the following:
    • environmentally sound
    • No need for heating, economical
    • With chilly, moist surfaces, bind thoroughly.
    • superior sticky qualities
    • Curing at low temperatures
    • penetrate the fissures and give strength to the layers.

    Asphalt Emulsion CSS-1h Packaging

    Bitumen Emulsion Bitumen Emulsion CSS-1h  from Daya Group is offered in:

    • IBC tanks in bulk, Flexi tanks
    • 220 liters reconditioned steel drums, 200 3 kg in net weight
    • 220-liter new steel drums, 200 3 kg in net weight

    Product Assistance Bitumen Emulsion CSS-1h

    You receive a partner and counselor through the Daya Advantage who will consult with you on designs, specifications, technical services, procedures, and material choices. The Daya Advantage offers significant long-term cost savings, resulting in a lower total cost of ownership by creating innovative, custom-designed products that provide additional benefits such as peak performance in particular conditions, improved field performance, and greater environmental and health benefits.

    The tightest standards for quality, safety, and environmental considerations are used to make every batch of CSS-1h. Every manufacturing lot is examined to see whether it satisfies or exceeds all performance standards, and it is provided with a Certificate of Analysis.

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